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 Selected Journalism

Atmos, February 2024

Life Inside India’s Auroville, ‘The City the Earth Needs’


queerbeat / Behanbox / Pulitzer Centre, April 2023


Decode, March, 2023

The Influencer-Doctor Nexus That's Luring Young Women To Injectables, February 2022

NFTs and an Accessible Art World : Fantasy or Reality?

IndiaSpend, December 2021

After Stan: Fight Falters, But Activists Continue Struggle For Justice For Jharkhand Undertrials

Vogue, December 2021

Through Hostile Witness, artist Baaraan Ijlal is resisting erasure before the seas drown us

IndiaSpend, October 2021

After Stan: In Jharkhand, Scheduled Tribes Still Battle Flimsy Criminal Cases Filed With Little Evidence

The Baffler, June 2021

How It Feels: Mutual aid tries to fill in the blank where the government's pandemic response should be

Khabar Lahariya, June 2021

What Makes a Chatori: Women, Appetite & Food in Small-Town U.P

IndiaSpend, May 2021

Why Workplace Support is a Basic Need for Women with Schizophrenia

The Fuller Project, April 2021

Women Provide A Glimpse Into India’s COVID Disaster: 'That 22 year old Priya on Instagram'

Foreign Policy Magazine, The Fuller Project, April 2021

'India's Suffering Female Farmers Have the Most to Lose

Article 14, March 2021

'I Am Not Afraid Of Arrest, The Govt Can Do Whatever It Wants’: Interview with farmer union leader, Harinder Bindu on her 30 year journey in activism, and what takes to mobilise women

Khabar Lahariya, January 2021

State of the COW: Bovine Dispatches from Uttar Pradesh

IndiaSpend, January 2020

India Has Mental Health Pensions But They Rarely Reach The Affected

Khabar Lahariya, December 2020

Flex & Shine in Ayodhya- Glimpses of Local Women Influencers & their Digital Dreams

IndiaSpend, November 2020

How Patients Living With Mental Illness, Hospitals Coped With COVID-19 Crisis

Khabar Lahariya, November 2020

After the Cameras Leave: How the Justice System Abandons Dalit, OBC and Adivasi Families Seeking Redressal for Rape

Point of View -- Skin Stories, November 2019

Even under India’s new mental healthcare act, institutionalization is still a problem

The Life of Science, November 2020

Against a Science of Sacrifice

The Wire, August 2019

Cancel Culture vs Rape Culture, and the Case for Repairing Harm

Firstpost, February 2019

India aspires to be a 'climate leader', but govt is eroding environmental protections

Selected Fiction

Wasafiri Magazine, March 2022

Fuck Marry Kill (shortlisted for the Queen Mary Wasafiri New Writing Prize 2021)

adda, October 2021

It Ends with a Kiss (shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2021)

Himal Southasian, February 2020


Selected Essays

The Locavore, August, 2023

Cooking for Many is an Exercise in Endurance

Autostraddle, February 2022

My Jackie: On Yellowjackets and a Missing Friend

Zine: Three Ways of Unpeeling Time (when the apocalypse is mundane and excruciatingly slow

Bright Wall/Dark Room, July 2020

Watching Bad TV Near the End of the World

Soup Magazine, June 2018

The Morality and Brutality of Hair

The Lookout Journal, December 2017

The Incredible and the Marvelous: Jessica, Midge, and so many more

The Lookout Journal, October 2017

Kitchen Song

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